Monday, December 21, 2009

Pop's Little Buddy. . .

I'm not sure if it is that they share the same warm brown eyes or the same warm loving personality or what it is, but there is something special about these two. Erik Daniel hasn't seen Pop since Thanksgiving, but as soon as Pop was in Erik Daniel's view, but still a good 20 feet away, he began reaching for him. He loves Pop and prefers him to me or Erik when he is around!! Erik Daniel just wraps his sweet little arms around Pop's neck and hugs tight! You couldn't pry him off no matter how hard you tried!!!!

I took about 8 pictures like this, but these 3 were my favorites!

Little does Erik Daniel know it, but he gets to see his Pop again in less than a week!!! Yay!


HW said...

I think little Erik Daniel looks a lot like his Pop.
And I think Erik Daniel was sent by our Lord to fill an empty spot in Pop's heart; as all of your boys surely do.

Kim said...


Linda said...

Those are the sweetest pictures. What a sweet friendship they have!!!!

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