Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Happy from Jesus

Well, this almost never happens! Here I sit with three little ones asleep and one at school. I am virtually alone! JCT is laying on the couch next to me taking a nap and making the sweetest little sleepy noises you have ever heard!

The last few weeks have been rush-rush-hurry-hurry weeks for our family, and this week was going to be the pinnacle of the craziness. But, enter illness, and the world stops. Suddenly, all those plans come to a screeching halt! All the christmas happies, goodies, gifts, and parties don't matter so much as kissing the sweet forehead of your sick little one! I am enjoying the downtime ~ a little reprieve from the holiday busyness. Soon enough we will back to the busyness of life.

As I write I am looking at December out the window. There is a cold wind blowing through the trees out back. It looks frigid out there ~ the sky is cloudy white and the trees have been stripped bare. Usually I am so sad when the leaves fall, but this year, for some reason, I am loving winter! Yesterday was unseasonably warm, and I missed the cold! There is something about sunshine that makes me feel alive and active, and that is great! But, I love the calm of winter. When it is overcast and cold, I am more likely to sip coffee, read, and do quiet things. And, quiet things are my favorite things to do, therefore, I am so happy!

Coughing babies on the monitor, softly playing Christmas music, the hum of the boy's sound machines, and JCT's sweet sleepy noises fill the air, and I am content, peaceful, and happy! Thank You, Jesus, for a few quiet minutes today! What a great happy!

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Deidre said...

You are speaking my language right now - I love the calm. It seems I am craving it right now more than ever with Eric traveling so much. We've been through so much the past 3 months and I am so ready for a break during the holidays :)

Hope your baby is feeling better soon :)

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